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Orange Young Prepay

Hello everyone,


I applied for an Orange Young Prepay card in 2011.09, and it worked very well.. A few days ago I suddenly received SMS from orange stating my Orange Young Prepay was de-activated and I am forced to use the Orange Me Prepay solution.. I am still under 27 and I haven't done any modifications to my solution... So what happens? Is this a method to force me to abandon the old and no longer existing solution?

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Re: Orange Young Prepay

Hello lug7


I suppose you are referring to the X-treme PrePay plan, which has been discontinued in November 2011. In order to simplify our product range, all customers using a discontinued PrePay plan. 


I'm afraid there is no way around the migration to the current plan, but the current Orange Me tariffs offers a very attractive bonus system, which grants you an extra credit, depending on the amount you top up. You can find out all about it here


If you'd like to benefit from our Young tariffs, you can alternatively opt for our Orange Young priceplans, which offer great value for money.